Saturday, November 15, 2014

Further Reading on Digitial Preservation

If you're interested in reading more on our topics here is a list of resources we found helpful and informative:

Sarah's Lists-
Copyright and Licensing material:
  • Besek, J. M. (2003). Copyright Issues Relevant to the Creation of a Digital Archive: A Preliminary Assessment. Strategies and Tools for the Digital Library. Council on Library and Information Resources, 1755 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036.
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  • Muir, A. (2004). Digital preservation: awareness, responsibility and rights issues. Journal of information
  • Seadle, M. (2007). Copyright cultures. Library Hi Tech, 25(3), 430-435. doi:10.1108/07378830710821005
  • Wallace, C. A. (2014). Archivists and the New Copyright Law. Georgia Archive, 6(2), 2.

Web Archiving:
  • Casey, C. (1998). The cyberarchive: a look at the storage and preservation of Web sites. College & Research Libraries, 59(4), 304-310.
  • Kärberg, T. (2014). Digital preservation and knowledge in the public archives: for whom?. Archives and Records, (ahead-of-print), 1-18.
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  • Roland, L., & Bawden, D. (2012). The Future of History: Investigating the Preservation of Information in the Digital Age. Library & Information History, 28(3), 220-236. doi:10.1179/1758348912Z.00000000017

Ryan's List-
Loss of Data:
  • Breeding, Marshall. (2013, March). "The Systems Librarian: Digital Archiving in the Age of Cloud Computing". Computers in Libraries 33(2), (pg. 22-26).
  • Retrieved from:
  • Conway, Paul. (2010, January). "Preservation in the Age of Google: Digitization, Digital  Preservation, and Dilemmas". The Library Quarterly 80(1), (pg. 61-79).  DOI 10.1086/648463
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  • Samson, Ted. (2013, February 25th). "9 Threats to Cloud Computing Security". InfoWorld Retrieved from: cloud-computing-security.html
Kiron's List-
Analog to Digital:
  • Arthur, K., Byrne, S., Long, E., Montori, C. Q., & Nadler, J. (2004). Recognizing digitalization as a preservation reformatting method. Microform & Imaging Review, 33, 171-180.
  • Capell, L. (2010). Digitization as a preservation method for damaged acetate negatives: A case study. The American Archivist, 73(1), 235–249.
  • Hunter, G. S. (2003). Developing and maintaining practical archives: A how-to-do-it manual. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers.
  • Meger, A. L. & Draper, D (2012). Digital preservation and access of agricultural materials. Journal of Agricultural & Food Information, 13 (1), 45-63. http://10.1080/10496505.2012.637437
  • Smith, A. (1999). Why Digitize? Available from 

As a group we would also like to recommended the Library of Congress Youtube channel.  Their playlist on Digital Preservation is very informative and easy to watch.

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